I may have picked one of the coldest weeks for ages to spend at ‘MW’, but despite the cold, rain, wind and 3 broken ribs – the latter my fault due to the ecstacy of making it back to ‘MW’ after far too long – I had the best time since the last time I visited ‘MW’ in November 2021.  Not easy taking photos of primates in WARM playrooms from a mobility scooter, but managed a few, barely worth sharing really, but please pass on a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL staff, it was so special spending time with Marina, Charlie, Annie and Ali, bumping into Jeremy in the restaurant – he actually suggested a photo! – Kim and the lovely staff in the Gift Shop, Carol and Sue in the restaurant and almost at the last minute meeting Shelley in the Gift Shop as I was about to bid a sad ‘farewell’ and last, but by no means least to Wayne who was so helpful getting me into my mobility scooter – but “I’ll be back”.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU … FOR THE WONDERFUL WORK YOU DO.

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