At Monkey World we know we have a responsibility to our planet. We aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Recycling Habits

All the plates, cups, and cutlery in the cafes are made from biodegradable materials. All cardboard from deliveries is placed in a compactor on site, baled, and recycled. We no longer offer plastic straws or plastic lids for drink cups, to reduce the use of single use plastic. We are continually looking into options to be more sustainable, as more options become open to us.

Plastic bottles are recycled into enrichment for the primates. Children can join in the recycling effort in our Activity Centre (open in the school holidays) to make bottle enrichment.

We also recycle old fire hoses in our primates’ enclosures, to swing and climb on.

Sustainable Living

The café and gift shop work hard to be palm oil free, to prevent the deforestation of rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra. Wherever possible, our food items are palm oil free, and we sell t-shirts promoting the campaign. “Gordon says no to palm oil!” Information on palm oil is also available in our information centre & children’s activity centre.

Reusable hot & cold drink cups are available in both the café and gift shops. Anyone using one of these cups will receive a discount on any drinks sold on site.

Our juices, sugar and coffee are all certified fair trade.

We promote local suppliers where possible. In our café, these include: Roberts in Weymouth, Rolly’s Brownies from Dorchester, Jessica’s Cakes & Huckleberrys, Grangers in Dorchester, Honeybuns, DPP in Poole, Coffeebean in Hampshire and Dorset Teas.

Wherever possible we grow items for the primate’s diet on site. There are many fruit trees, rosehip bushes and herb gardens around the park. This cuts down on the use of supermarket travel and packaging.

Public Transport

Secure bike racks are situated at the front of the entrance gate. The nearest train station is just a mile away in nearby Wool. During May to September, a bus route runs directly to the park. Details of this can be found on “Directions & Getting To Us”