Monkey World offers personal talks and guided tours of the park by our Education Officers.

Monkey World’s highly popular guided tours take visitors on a 1 hour 15 minute walking tour through our 65 acre park. One of the Education Team will guide you on your journey, detailing the history of the park and our mission to end the illegal smuggling of primates from the wild. Throughout the tour your guide will tell you the stories behind our primates’ rescues, explaining their transition from cruelty and abuse to their rehabilitation into appropriate social groups and large, natural enclosures.

Our tours are a fantastic way to gain a better insight into Monkey World’s work and to enhance your experience of the park; perfect for fans of Monkey Business and Monkey Life! Tours are very popular and often booked up quickly. To avoid disappointment tours should be booked in advance through our Admin Office on 01929 462537. Gift Vouchers are also available.

Prices are as follows:

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Up to 4 people £35.00
Up to 6 people £45.00
Up to 12 people £65.00
Talks - School Groups / Ofsted registered organisations  
Topic-Focused Talks and Workshops – max 35 students* £40.00
General Talks - for up to 35 students, additional children/students £1 each. £35.00

*Please see the Education page for more information, and details on how to book.

Talks - General groups  
Up to 45 people £40.00
Over 45 people £100.00

Virtual Tours:

If you can’t visit the park in person, book one of our Zoom tours! By the power of video conferencing software, a member of our team will take you around the park to see all your favourite primates.

We’ll be running these as a personal tour, so can be very guided by which primates you like & what you’d like to see. We’ll also be able to take you “off-show”, up feeding towers that the public are not allowed to access, and round the back of enclosures also.

For an adoptive parent, these will cost £35.

For non-adoptive parents, they will cost £49 each. However you have the option to share with one other person, if you have a friend who loves the park too, at a cost of £31.50 each.

Tours will run for approx. 1 hour 15 minutes.

For availability or to book, please email

Keeper Talks

Can’t book a tour? Don’t worry, our video keeper talks explain all about man’s closest relatives. Scan the QR codes at the enclosures to view each talk! The keepers will also hold informal Q&A sessions at the below times. They love to share their knowledge of the primates in their care!

  • 12:00pm Lemurs & Small Monkeys
  • 12:30pm Woolly Monkeys
  • 1:00pm Chimpanzees
  • 1:30pm Orang-utans
  • 2:00pm Gibbons
  • 2:30pm Spider Monkeys, Capuchins & Stump-tailed Macaques

Please look out for this symbol for locations (also marked on the map). Locations may vary slightly in poor weather.

Please Note:

Monkey World entrance fee is not included with any of the tour or talks prices.