Adoption packs include:

Annual entrance pass to the park with your adoption members card

A photograph of your chosen primate

An adoption certificate

The ‘Ape Rescue Chronicle’, our newsletter magazine, which is published three times a year

The opportunity to take part in exclusive ‘Adoptive Parent Only Events’

The primate adoption scheme enables us to create additional reserves and a safe haven for the many primates whose lives are still in danger around the world. Monkey World is a 65 acre sanctuary with over 250 primates. We are a philanthropic organisation who, with the support of the public, can rescue and rehabilitate primates from all over the world. Your adoption/donation money goes into a 100% fund, which is used solely for the rescue and rehabilitation of primates.

How to Join the Primate Adoption Scheme

Adoption pack Prices:

Child (15 years and under) £27.00
Senior Citizen (65 years +) £27.00
Adult £37.00
Single Parent Family (1 adult and 2 children) £67.00
Family (2 adults and 2 children) £94.00
School/Group/Playschool (Ofsted reg. no. required) £195.00 (min) includes 1 entry for 30 children max(15 and under)
Youth Group (Under 16 yrs old, i.e. Scouts, Guides etc.) £240.00 (min) includes 1 entry, 30 max
All Other Groups £300.00 includes 1 entry, 30 max
Corporate £500.00 (min) includes 40 entrance tickets

Please note: The postage charge for all adoptions starts from £3. This covers the cost of sending your newsletters and any additional supporters information during the year’s membership. Post is not sent out at the weekend. Monkey World does not use couriers, and all post is sent out via Royal Mail.

Corporate Adoptions

Corporate Adoption packs include:

40 adult entrance tickets for you to give to your staff

(valid for 1 year)

A talk given by our Education officer if 20 people visit on same date.

(Must be arranged in advance)

A large photo of your adopted primate

Certificate of your adoption