Lar Gibbons


Ella is an adult female lar gibbon (Hylobates lar) who arrived at the park on 21/05/02 and we estimate was born during 1985. She was smuggled from the wild into a Vietnamese circus before she was confiscated in Russia by Government Authorities. Ella was kept at Kaliningrad Zoo for a couple of years before they sent her to Monkey World. She has been paired with male Mueller’s gibbon Fox. Both are very playful and happy.


Kitty is a female lar gibbon (Hylobates lar) who was captive born at the Pingtung Rescue Centre in Taiwan. Both of her parents had been smuggled from the wild for the illegal pet trade. Kitty was born on 07/08/99 and arrived at the park on 21/07/01. She was hand-reared before arriving at the park.  Kitty lives with agile gibbon Paul, and although not of the same species, both gibbons have a good relationship and are good companions.

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