Cookie Policy

Cookie Legislation

A new legislation on internet cookies stipulates that web users must be provided with the opportunity to learn how cookies are used on the web sites they visit, and must consent to cookies being utilised.

What is a Cookie?

In terms of the internet, a cookie is a small text file which is placed on your computer when you access a web site. The cookie will usually contain information such as; the web site’s name, a user ID, the extent of the cookie’s effect, and a unique number. Cookies will not reveal your identity, or indeed any personal information.

In most cases, on the first occasion that you go to a web site that uses cookies, a cookie will be placed on your computer. Next time you go to that web site, your device (computer/laptop/mobile/tablet/etc.) will search for a cookie that corresponds to this web site, and will send the information held in the cookie back to the site. From there, the web site can identify that you have visited previously. This allows some web sites to alter the information presented to you based on this fact. Using cookies, some web sites may also record how much time you spend viewing certain pages of the site, the pages/links you have selected, and save preferences you have chosen during your visit.

For the most part, cookies bring many benefits to the internet user, especially if you visit some web sites on a regular basis, where your preferences are saved so that you don’t have to re-enter or re-select details or options. Additionally, cookies help to improve internet shopping, where these are used to remember the items you have placed in your basket before checking out.

Main Types of Cookies


Session Cookies


Session cookies will expire when you exit your internet browsing program, and are used to remember certain details or selections whilst using a web site on a single occasion. This type of cookie is used in many ways, including online shopping as referred to above, to remember the products you have placed in your basket, and is also used by web sites that require a username and password to login, e.g. internet banking.


Persistent Cookies


This type of cookie remains on your device after you exit the internet browsing program. Persistent cookies are also used for web sites to remember your selections, preferences and certain details every time you visit. An example of persistent cookie usage is for web sites to remember your username.


First and Third Party Cookies


First party cookies are placed by the web site you are visiting. Third party cookies will come from another web site, which may have an extension on the site you have chosen to browse, such as a banner advertisement. When you download the page of the web site you are visiting, this will also download the advertisement (and the third party’s cookie). If you visit another web site which also contains an advertisement of the same third party, this will allow that company to begin building up a profile of your browsing habits on the sites where it uses advertisements.
Your web browser will offer the facility for you to change the settings to stop third party cookies from being downloaded to your computer.




If you have directly requested a service via the internet, it may be necessary for the organisation’s web site to use cookies on your device.

Managing your Cookies

In most cases your device will be configured to accept cookies from the internet, however your browser program will offer the facility to change your cookie preferences. To find out how to change your browser’s settings, the program will offer a “help” function which should offer guidance on this.

Please be aware that if you decide to limit or stop cookies, this may affect the extent to which certain web sites will function on your device. As referred to, cookies are necessary for the effective functionality of shopping web sites.

How we use Cookies

Monkey World uses cookies to understand how you have used our web site. This cookie usage is purely for us to monitor our web site’s performance. We use the following software on our server for this purpose:

We also use cookies to allow you to contact us via web forms, to validate you as a user prior to sending information to us.

These cookies do not in any way save or reveal personal information, and your information will remain completely anonymous. Furthermore, cookies of this nature will expire when you close your web browser program.

By continuing to use our web site, you are agreeing to Monkey World  usage of cookies, and no further action is required.