Monkey World is home to over 260 monkeys, apes and prosimians.  Prosimians are a group of primates from a different evolutionary path. “Prosimii” means “before apes”. The following are all the species of prosimians that we currently care for at the park.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs

(Lemur catta)

We have eight ring-tailed lemurs at the park.  Several came to us from zoos as individuals that would not fit into groups, some have been born at the park and one was rescued from the UK pet trade.

Bengal Slow Loris

(Nycticebus bengalensis)

We have five Bengal loris at the park, a male named Axl Rose and and four females named Kan’bulo, Nikki Minaj, Nora, and Bobbi Dazzler. Sadly, there has been a growing trade in these nocturnal primates for the international pet trade. To date we have rescued loris from the illegal trade in the Maldives in 2014, Hong Kong in 2016, and Lebanon in 2018. One individual was born here at the park in 2018.