Nursery Orang-utans

Bulu Mata

Bulu Mata is a male Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelli) who was born at Budapest Zoo on 04/09/14. One week after his birth his mother sadly passed away leaving the tiny baby an orphan. Keepers at Budapest Zoo cared for Bulu Mata for the next few weeks while making arrangements for him to move to our orang-utan creche here. He arrived at the park on 09/12/14. Bulu Mata is very close to Rieke but loves playing rough with the other boys!


Rieke is a female Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelli) who was born at Zoo Berlin on 12/01/15. Sadly her mother refused to care for her, so keepers cared for the tiny infant. On 23/02/15, Rieke arrived at Monkey World to join our orang-utan creche. She shares a special bond with Bulu Mata.


Mimi-Loren is a female Bornean orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) who was born on 17/08/15 at Moscow Zoo. Sadly, her mother would not care for the baby even after several attempts to re-unite the baby with her family. As Monkey World is the European Crèche for orphaned orang-utans, arrangements were made for Mimi to move here on 05/05/17. Very quickly Mimi-Loren was taken under the wing of adult females RoRo and Oshine. Mimi-Loren has a very strong character and loves playing with her adopted brother and sister, Bulu Mata and Rieke.


Oshine is a female Bornean orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) who was born in the wild and then captured as an infant in Indonesia.  She was moved to South Africa as an exotic pet.  We estimate she was born in 1997 and she arrived at Monkey World 13 years later on 31/08/10.  As an infant she was given to a couple living in South Africa to raise as a pet in their home. At 6-7 years old, she became too difficult to keep in the house and the family built her an enclosure. With little exercise and a diet which included sweets and processed food, Oshine was morbidly obese at 100 kgs when she came to Monkey World. She has lost most of her extra weight and has learned to interact with other orang-utans. The youngsters love Oshine.


Silvestre is a male Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelii). Silvestre was born on 31/12/09 at Santillana Zoo in Spain. His mother abandoned him so the keepers at the zoo cared for him for the first 11 months of his life.  On 02/12/10 he was brought to Monkey World to join our orang-utan crèche so that he could grow up with others of his own kind.  He is incredibly friendly with the other orang-utans, and Primate Care Staff.

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