Most of the primates that live at Monkey World have been rescued from circumstances of abuse or neglect and, subsequently, suffer from a variety of physical and/or psychological health conditions. However, with good veterinary care and experienced Primate Care Staff monitoring and encouraging good health and welfare, most of our rescued primates can lead full, active, social and happy lives again.

More than 30 Primate Care Staff at Monkey World meet the day-to-day needs of over 260 primates at the park. The 22 different species of primate currently at the park have complex nutritional needs and we strive to offer them a varied and interesting diet.

The Primate Care Staff are dedicated to enriching the lives of the primates in many ways. All of our apes and monkeys live in social groups with the choice of indoor or outdoor areas in which to play and explore. For the smaller monkeys, perching, branching, and nest boxes are changed regularly so that their environment is always evolving. For the chimpanzees and orang-utans this kind of updating is not so easy as the large outdoor enclosures are designed with heavy-duty equipment in order to withstand the strength and attention of the apes. However, at Monkey World, we try to ‘re-decorate’, expand and develop the enclosures and climbing frames for the apes every year. Having and developing complex environments for our rescued primates encourages their rehabilitation.

Enclosures are designed to allow the primates to move as they would in the wild, and all of our primates are provided with appropriate sleeping sites and nesting material. Both indoor and outdoor enclosures are designed with private areas, so primates can choose to be away from the others in the group, and public view if they wish.

Food is presented in varying and unpredictable ways in order to stimulate natural feeding behaviours, to ensure that all members of the group get their fair share, and to create interest. The Primate Care Staff also design and develop feeding ‘puzzles’ so that the monkeys and apes have to work for their food as they would in the wild. Their lives are truly enriched at Monkey World!