Raising Funds for Monkey World,
EAST and the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund

Monkey World are very proud of the efforts made by our supporters to raise money for both the park and the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund (registerered Charity Number 1126939). We could not continue the rescue and rehabilitation work that we do, without your kindness and willingness to help.

Please let us know if you are doing any fundraising activities for Monkey World, Endangered Asian Species Trust or the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund. We would love to hear about your cake sales, car boot sales, or sponsored events. Please see below for some of the current fundraising efforts:

Monkey World

Help Marmoset Milly and Pet Trade Victims

Milly’s case made the press when her owner was found guilty of two counts of animal abuse and sentenced to a 12 week suspended sentence, a £600 fine and ban from keeping animals for life.

Milly’s story touched many, and Monkey World have been overwhelmed with the number of people asking how they could help Milly, and others like her.

We would like to raise funds to help the rehabilitation of Milly, and future rescues of primates like Milly from the UK pet trade over the next year. Monkey World has been campaigning for a change in the law to stop monkeys being kept as “pets” in bird cages for the past 30 years. We have rescued 120+ and built two specialist enclosures to house over 30 victims of the trade. While the law looks set to change with the implementation of the Kept Animals Bill, we are anticipating a large number of monkeys needing rehoming.


Event: Trekfest 2021!

A group of passionate and dedicated supporters are prepared to trek 25km & 50km across the Brecon Beacons to raise funds for Primate Welfare & Conservation on the 18th September.

We know its not going to be easy and we know that there will be times when one of us, or all of us will want to give up, but with your support we are ALL going to make it across the finish line, we are going to do it for the primates, because aching legs, sore feet and a few blisters are NOTHING, in comparison to what they have been through and continue to go through.

Please, please support us if you can, every single penny matters, help us make a difference to the lives of primates in need.


Event: From Cages to Trees: Putting gibbons back into the wild!

EAST are preparing to release 6 golden-cheeked gibbons back into the wild in Southern Vietnam. The gibbons have been rescued from the black market trade, rehabiltated and now they need radio collars so the team can monitor the gibbons’ safe release.