Public Consultation on the UK Primate Pet Trade OPEN

All we want for Christmas is Welfare 4 Wildlife!

On the 12th December, the government announced an 8-week public consultation on the trade of primates as pets in the UK, with an aim of banning the sale, trade, breeding and keeping of any primate as a pet. Currently, 85 species of primate can be kept in the UK without any legislation whatsoever, and can be bought kept and sold as easily as a goldfish or budgie.

Monkey World has campaigned for a change in the law to protect primates as pets for many years, and now, over 30 years later, with over 100 primates rescued from the UK pet trade, 2 petitions handed in, 3 campaigns, countless letters written to MPs, 2 marmoset complexes built to house victims of the trade and over 100 primates on a waiting list for rehoming, it looks as though the law will be changing!

However it is not done yet, and we are calling upon YOU to speak up for the monkeys who don’t have a voice. You have until the 6th of February to have your say on the banning of primates as pets in the UK.
Visit to answer the public consultation.
Read more about the UK pet trade, and our campaign against it at

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