Monkey Life Series 16

The new series is currently airing on Sky Nature, with a double episode every Sunday at 5pm. All episodes are also available via Sky On Demand and Now TV. We don’t have a date for the freeview showing as of yet but will let you know as soon as we do. We hope you enjoy watching the latest series, and catching up with everything that’s been happening at the park.

 Don’t forget if you love watching Monkey Life, let Sky know! You can email them at, we hope to produce more series and your support really helps this happen.

 Monkey Life DVD sale!

 We still aren’t in the position where we can produce DVD’s of series 14 & 15 due to the cost. We have decided to put all currently available DVD’s on sale, the money raised from this sale will go towards producing the series 14 & 15 DVD. The Monkey World online gift shop will be selling the DVD’s for £10 + P&P. It would be great if we could sell enough of the older series to fund releasing the newer ones. The sale will run until the 31st January.


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