Pet Trade Laws Have Changed!

On the 5th March, The Animal Welfare (Primate Licences) (England) Regulations 2023 were signed into law, coming into force from 6th April 2026. This is HUGE step forwards for us!

As you may know, Monkey World has led the charge, and with your support forced MPs to take notice of the issue of primates being kept as pets legally in the UK today. Our campaign in 2018 led to HUNDREDS of letters being sent to MPs by loyal supporters, who like us believed that private owners should have to provide for primates in the same way that zoos and safari parks do. This campaign meant that during the 2019 elections, all three parties had included stopping the primate pet trade in their manifestos. We are so pleased that this legislation is now in place.

Existing primate keepers have two years to reach compliance with the welfare and licensing standards, and after that anyone who does not have a license or meet welfare standards will be breaking the law.


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