I visited the park with my little boy who is 14 months old on Saturday 6th of May and it was the first time I have been in nearly 8 years.

From the moment I arrived around 12ish I was greeted with a smile from the lady at the front desk. She welcomed my son and I to the park. Then went on to ask if it was his first time he had seen monkeys and made light conversation. She even offered to open the gate as I had a pram.

Walking around the clean and tidy park I was met with smiles from team members and even a “thank you” with a smile when I moved out the way for a golf buggy. You would of thought that was common practice, but in today’s society its lacking so its refreshing to hear manners.

You clearly have hired well, put people in the right places and roles to deliver an excellent service.

I don’t get many days off with my son, so thank you to the team for making it such a brilliant experience. Keep doing what you’re doing ??



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