I just wanted to provide some feedback on my experiences with the online shop.

It’s obviously very difficult to ensure full stock of everything during this pandemic and particularly things like confectionary are difficult to stock with the possibility of closure at any time. The gift shop has been incredibly helpful with orders, responding to queries on stock in a very timely manner.

In addition, although I’m sure you’re all very busy, when you’ve been out of stock on items and they have been reordered, the shop has taken the time to email me directly to let me know that the items have been ordered along with timescales of when they’re likely be available so that I can re-order.

This is excellent customer service that I have not experienced for years.

We also visited Monkey World again on Friday last week (first time for 1½ years) and, as always, thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Both eating areas were very good and serving staff were excellent with very friendly & bubbly manners.

The Covid precautions that are in place worked very well and we felt safe the whole time we were there.

You have done everything that you can to ensure that visitors, staff and (of course) the primates are as safe as can be, with signs, sanitizer etc.

It’s a real shame that, despite all the warning signs and notifications when booking entrance on the website, people still decide that it’s ok to take their masks off while walking around.

We had several instances that we saw where an adult let her 3 children leave their masks off and run around, as well as a small group of young adults with a couple of them walking around with their masks tucked under their chins. Thankfully it wasn’t one of the busiest days so we were able to keep our distance.

Thanks for all that you do.

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