Orphaned orangutan Mimi turns 3 at Monkey World!

Orphaned orangutan Mimi turned three years old on Friday 17th August, and her keepers at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre celebrated by throwing her a party- complete with jelly, fruit and friends!

Mimi came to the centre in 2016 after her mother at Moscow zoo didn’t care for her. She joined Europe’s only orangutan crèche at Monkey World, and was adopted by adult female Oshine. Already present in the nursery were two Sumatran infants, Rieke & Bulu Mata, and adolescent males, Silvestre and Jin. The nursery gives a family to youngsters who would otherwise have had to be reared away from their own kind- a contributing factor to whether they become successful parents themselves.

The nursery family were given extra special treats on Mimi’s birthday, specially made for the young orangutans. Tasty fruit was hidden in sugar- free jelly, and freshly picked rosehips were an added bonus for the gang. Mimi and Oshine were first to check out the goodies on offer, and quickly picked a plate to tuck into- with Mimi even licking the bowl clean!

Mimi’s birthday coincides with International Orangutan Day on the 19th August, when orangutan organisations around the world work to raise awareness of the plight of our red relatives. Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild due to loss of habitat through deforestation, and smuggling for the exotic pet trade. Visitors to Monkey World on Sunday 19th August can take part in fun trails and kid’s activities to learn all about orangutans.

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