To all the wonderful staff at Monkey World,

My partner and I visited monkey world Saturday 14th September and I just had to get in touch to say we were both left in awe of the whole experience, from the tremendous hard work that you all do for all the primates, the dedication of the keepers to all the lovely friendly staff that work there and as busy as they were, still managed a smile and all we came across were happy to help. Gutted we didn’t get a glimpse of Jeremy or Alison, but you can’t have it all can you. Was emotional seeing Jim and Gordon’s memorial, but what a legacy to leave behind. Every morning since I have been back home I can’t get the experience, mainly the primates and that day out of my mind.

You should all be very proud of what you have achieved as people like yourselves make this world a better place.

We will definitely be coming back.

Thank you all again.

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