We just wanted to drop you an email to say how much we enjoyed our visit on Friday. It was our first time visiting and we didn’t really know what to expect. We were amazed by the wonderful work you put into rehabilitating the monkeys and apes.  The enclosures are great and all the animals looked to happy. Their fur shiny and their eyes full of joy. After all they have been through, with some of them having been through hell, it was wonderful to see them playful and enjoying their life. The weather was beautiful on Friday with lots of sunshine and all the animals were out and about enjoying the sunshine. The Orang-Utan nursery was funny to watch and they made us laugh. We never saw Woolly Monkeys before. They were beautiful. We watch Pung-Yo and Peanut looking like a happy married couple. You can see the love and friendship between them. And although the Pastas monkeys are just started their rehabilitation, we could see how settled they are already.

We also wanted to mention that we really don’t understand the problem people have with your Covid restrictions. Wearing a mask to protect the animals is only a small ask. The stupidity of some people on social media amazes us. We do hope you don’t take any notice and continue to protect these lovely creatures. Thank you for your hard work, especially in these difficult times. Your staff were all very friendly and we also enjoyed a delicious lunch and were pleasantly surprised with the many veggie options. We hope to come to visit again one day.

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