I am just contacting you to compliment and show my gratitude during my visit at your  new accommodation that me and my husband stayed in one bed flat Cedar 1. It was a lovely flat everything you needed and supplied hand and bath towels as well very impressed with it and it meant we could go to Monkey World earlier at 9am and they supplied breakfast as well , passes to get in.  It was so good to see the chimpanzees and orangutans having the breakfast. I had a fantastic time. I went on Monday to Monkey World and Wednesday too because normally we only go the once when I come every year because we normally only stay in a b&b for one night as we drive 3h, but this year it makes it so much easier due to it only being about 5/10 mins in car as it is so local.  I have been coming since 2013 and I have been adopting all different Chimps and Orangutans , every year for my birthday, Christmas and when I have any extra money.  I well be rebooking in the flat again and I can spend move time there. Also I got a photo with Jeremy that I was so happy about .



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