Hello wonderful Monkey World people!

I am sure you have had many similar emails but I just wanted to say a big Thank You for giving adoptive parents the opportunity to visit exclusively.  I was able to visit twice (first with my partner but he stayed home the second time).  Coming to Monkey World was my first time going out anywhere apart from my local village once a week, but I knew things would be perfectly organised for everybody’s safety, people and primates, and the fact that only adoptive parents were allowed gave me confidence that everyone visiting would be sensible and responsible. The staff are fabulous, please say thanks to all and particularly the young lady who was quietly going around sanitising surfaces in the park.

It was lovely to see all the primates while it was quiet and to really be able to spend time watching them without crowds. It was great to have a chat with some of the PCS, socially distanced of course, and to swap stories with other adoptive parents. The icing on the cake was when Alison stopped to chat, but I was also lucky enough to wander round to one of the far windows of Bart’s enclosure and to have the whole group sitting right there, the closest I have ever seen them!  I found a £20 note in my purse which must have been there since 23 March so I popped it into the collection box in the viewing window there.  It’s not much towards your huge running costs but I reckoned  I would have spent that in the gift shop in normal circumstances.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you next week, I so hope that things go smoothly when you open up to the general public and I look forward to visiting again when the summer holidays are over, all being well.

Thanks again for making us so welcome.


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