I visited with myself, my husband and our 5 year old son on Tuesday from Scotland. It was also our 3rd year Wedding anniversary.

Its the first time we have ever visited Monkey World and I just wanted to say that I am truly in awe of everything you do. I used to watch your programme when I was younger and it is now one of my sons favourite things to watch too.

The thing I found amazing was the care and attentiveness towards the inhabitants of the park. We walked past a window where a white board was written up with diet, meds, special notes etc. There was literally nothing left out.

We were also very fortunate to see a couple of your employees interact with some of the chimps while giving out snacks. It was clear to see there is a love and a bond there and that was really beautiful to witness. Its not just a job to these people, it’s almost like they’re interacting with a younger sibling and the chimps love them too.

I absolutely adore Orangutans so it literally made my day seeing them so up close. There was one in particular that was walking around with a blanket over their head, honestly my heart couldnt cope! They were like my spirit animal!

What struck me most however was that they were all HAPPY. All of your inhabitants were interacting with one another, playing, they were very active and even squabbling over treats which you’d expect! Also, I could listen to the Woolly’s call all day!

What you do at the park is inspirational and truly amazing. If everyone took a page out of your book and treated one another the way you treat primates the world would be a much nicer place!

Thank you for a very special and memorable anniversary.

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