I just wanted to reach out and thank you for a wonderful stay at the JCMF flat (2 bedrooms) The place was so lovely with all the beautiful artwork (Sallys drawing I spotted as soon as we walked in and made a little tear form in my eye) The flat was warm and inviting with lovely homely features. It was clean and comfortable and made our trip from Lincolnshire to Dorset really worth the stay.

We loved having the early access to the park and the delicious breakfast was a tasty bonus. The primates all seemed so subdued on the Tuesday (18th Sept), I have never seen the Bachelors so quiet! We wondered if it was perhaps the storm? Anyway, we took advantage of our close proximity to the park and went back this morning..it was wonderful to hear the gibbons singing their beautiful songs and we got to see all our favourites.

I cannot thank you all enough for the work you do, not only the obvious caring for all the primates but the way all the staff engage with visitors and take time from their busy schedule to talk. The awareness you all raise for the plight of these wonderful creatures is so vital and I hope one day more people will pay attention and do their bit!

We enjoyed the keeper talks yesterday (chimps and orang-utan ). Both keepers were fab. Entertaining and educational, I wanted to acknowledge Gemma (? orang-utan keeper?). She explained she was very nervous as she was new at the talks, but she was really good. Engaging and informative and all the orang-utans came out to support her too!

Bryan was so inquisitive at the glass and he is far more impressive in real life than even he seems on TV!  I had to see Sammy as I just adore him so, he seems such a gentle soul. As tempted as I was to adopt him, I chose Cathy as I gather she is one of the least adopted?  She is of course gorgeous too, I now have to try and learn to pick her out in a crowd!!

Sorry for the rambling email, but I really have loved my time down with Monkey World. The place really moves me and as much as I wish there was never a need for a sanctuary of this kind…I am so glad you are there to give these magnificent animals, big & small, a place to live out their lives in a safe and more ‘normal’ environment.

Thank you all so, so much

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