Outreach Visits

Can’t bring your group to Monkey World? Let our Education Team come to you! If you teach or run a youth group within a 100-mile radius of Monkey World, a member of the team can deliver any of our talks and workshops as an outreach session. Our hour-long topic-focused workshops link with the National Curriculum and are a great way to enrich topics such as Adaptations and Rainforests. Alternatively, book one of our talks on the history and aims of Monkey World ahead of your visit to the park! Details of available talks and workshops can be found in our Session Booklet. To discuss booking an outreach visit, email education@monkeyworld.org or call 01929 401022.

Education Packs

Monkey World has now released Education Packs for teachers and students at Key Stage levels 1, 2 and 3!

The A4 Education Pack for teachers, plus 3 editions of the A5 work books for students can be purchased from the Online Gift Shop.

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