Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild.

At the Centre refugees of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.

Rescue & Rehabilitation
Monkey World | Ape Rescue Centre

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You can now follow us on our
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Also see Guided Tours & Talks
Monkey World is proud to offer a variety of educational talks and workshops, within the park and as outreach visits to local schools. Our education team are always happy to help and discuss your teaching needs, so please get in touch today on 01929 401022 or email

School Trips


With over 250 primates, 3 play areas and 65 acres to explore Monkey World is the perfect place to plan your next school trip. Talks, tours and workshops are available for all ages and are guaranteed to enhance your experience of the park. To plan your visit get in touch today on 01929 401022 or email

Please click here for the school booking form.


Outreach Visits

If you teach or run a youth group within a 100 mile radius of Monkey World, then book a session with our Education Team today! From Early Years to Higher Education, we can cater for all of your educational needs. Our 1 hour sessions link with the national curriculum and are a great way to enrich topics such as Teeth, Food Chains and the Rainforest. Please see below for available sessions. If you'd like to cover a different topic, please get in touch with our Education Team to discuss your requirements. The Education Team are always happy to discuss what you want from your session and can be flexible on timings. To book your talk or discuss your needs then get in touch today on 01929 401022 or email Please note: we do not bring any primates to our talks.

Available Outreach Sessions


Key Stage 1 Sessions

KS1 - Babies and Growing Up

KS1 - Bodies and Senses

KS1 - Caring for Primates

KS1 - Feeding Primates

KS1 - Habitats

KS1 - South American Safari

KS1 - Staying Healthy


 Key Stage 2 Sessions

KS2 - Adaptations

KS2 - Classification

KS2 - Food Chains

KS2 - Life Cycles

KS2 - Rainforests

KS2 - Rescue & Conservation

KS2 - Teeth





Monkey World has now released Education Packs for teachers and students at Key Stage levels 1, 2 and 3!

The A4 Education Pack for teachers, plus 3 editions of the A5 work books for students can be purchased from the Online Gift Shop (under the "Books" category) now!

For more information, please contact us on 01929 401003 or email 


Downloadable Worksheets

Please find below a selection of pages taken from our education books and available to download for free. These can be used either as individual classroom worksheets or to support a visit to the park.


Animal Rescue & Conservation

Level 1 Worksheet

Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet

Being Born & Growing Up

Level 1 Worksheet

Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet

Bodies & Movement

Level 1 Worksheet Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet

Food & Feeding

Level 1 Worksheet Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet



Animal Rescue & Conservation

Level 1 Worksheet Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet

Bodies & Movement

Level 1 Worksheet

Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet

Food & Feeding

Level 1 Worksheet

Level 2 Worksheet

Level 3 Worksheet


Level 1 Activity Ideas Level 2 Activity Ideas

Level 3 Activity Ideas


Level 1 Answers

Level 2 Answers

Level 3 Answers


School Risk Assessment

To download a Risk Assessment for your school visit, please click here.


School Testimonials

Please see below some of the testimonials we have received following school visits to the park or by our Education Team:

November 2016

"Annie from Monkey World visited on a Friday afternoon, Annie was full of enthusiasm and cheer from the moment she arrived. She was patient with our children even after lots of the same questions! The tone and content of her visit was perfect for our preschoolers aged 2 to 5. She had them all enthralled for over an hour and they loved the pictures of the monkeys. After asking the preschoolers what their favourite bit was they said "making monkey presents". Annie bought a thoughtful and engaging activity with her to complete her visit which appealed to all as they made toys for the monkeys. I would more than recommended a visit from Annie and Monkey World"


Natasha Jarvia
  Stepping Stones Pres


September 2016

"We visit Monkey World in the autumn and are keen that our primary school pupils understand the ethos behind the place.  The Monkey World's liaison officer, Annie, very kindly agreed to visit our school in Basingstoke prior to the trip this year to help with this aim.  The children were fascinated and shocked by the stories behind the primates' various life stories.  Annie had the ability to bring alive the work that Monkey World does in a way that was accessible to children and involved them emotionally in the success of this huge venture.  Our visit to Monkey World was further enhanced by Annie joining us and pointing out specific animals to the children about which they had learnt.  On a previous occasion, Annie visited our school after our annual trip to help us with a new curriculum topic of animal classification.  Her presentation to the children greatly assisted in developing their understanding of this complex subject.  
We are very impressed by Annie's dedication and Monkey World's vision in spreading the word of the work they do and building understanding about these fascinating animals."



Claire Warwick
Fairfields Primary School.

March 2016

"Annie and Mike gave an engaging, informative talk to children from Reception to Year 6.  Whether 4 years old or 11 years old, they were all interested in what was said.  The children had plenty of questions, which were encouraged and valued by the Monkey World Staff.

We were delighted to welcome Annie back again to our school.  She has a wonderful way with children of all ages and it was a real treat to see how enthralled they became when hearing about such an important topic.  Annie took the time to try and get to know the children and was able to adapt her session effectively to suit the interests and enquiries of the children she was with.  We are already working out when we can invite her back again to enhance our delivery of the curriculum!”

Ellie Griffiths
Wool CE VA Primary School.

February 2015

"Many thanks for spending the time at the end of January to facilitate a visit from Duchy Foundation degree Animal Health students. The students very much enjoyed their time spent at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. It was most beneficial, the tour of the centre was excellent and all students agreed that the information that was disseminated during the guided tour was most in depth and all was amazed at Mikes outstanding knowledge. Experiences gained from our visit has continued to be referred to within both our delivery and student application within lectures. Many thanks again hopefully we can maybe repeat this visit with another cohort in the future. Again thank you for the hospitality and the time you spent with the group on an extremely cold and windy day in Dorset."

Michelle Chappell
HE Animal Health & Management Programme Leader, Duchy College


June 2014

"On the 3rd June 2014 we had the privilege of welcoming Monkey World to our school. It was a surprise treat for the children and it really exceeded our expectations. Rebecca & Mike provided a exceptional talk & PowerPoint which captivated the children and adults alike. Not only did it educate the children on the amazing work Monkey World do to rescue primates but it also helped them to understand and hopefully inspire a new generation of conservationists!

The children also had the opportunity to make foraging toys for the chimpanzees and not only that Rebecca & Mike kindly offered to follow up with pictures of the chimps enjoying their toys.

After the experience the school received feedback from a parent thanking Monkey World as her child had talked non-stop about the talk and took the brochure as bedtime reading!

As a keen fan of all that Monkey World do it was a truly wonderful experience. Thank-you from all the children & staff at Wansdyke School."

Susan Pettitt
Wansdyke School, Devises


March 2014

"I just wanted to thank you for your very informative and entertaining sessions with the infant children on Tuesday.  All the feedback I got from staff and children was very very positive, the children absolutely loved it; you may get a few extra visitors in the near future from our school!
Once again, thank you so much for your time, it really helped give our Science Week a "buzz" and also an awareness of treating animals on our planet with compassion and dignity.
I will be in touch with the office to book my Year 3 class in for a visit in the summer term."

Jane Gardiner, Year 3 Teacher
St. Augustine's Primary School

March 2014

"Everyone in Oak base would like to say a big thank you to the staff of Monkey World. It was fantastic to learn all about the different types of monkeys in such an engaging way. The children loved seeing all the different photographs and hearing stories about all the different monkeys. It was great to have an expert in to answer all of the children's questions and they can't wait for Monkey World to visit again to help us make some food for the monkeys. Thank you again for all your support, it has made a huge impact on all the children's learning."

Chris Dear,
Verwood First School


March 2014

"After responding to a persuasive letter from one of our monkey-mad pupils, Monkey World came to visit our school and spoke to the children about the fantastic work they do. The children (year 5) were all very excited and loved hearing about the different types of monkeys they have rescued. The staff were very informative and included fun tasks and brought props for the children to look at. A highlight was when the children got to compare their arm span to that of an Orang-utan, in fact one boy was so animated at demonstrating he managed to split his trousers! We felt the staff were highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and not afraid to tackle any of the weird and wonderful questions are children challenged them with! It fitted well with our topic on lifecycles and the children got to learn about the terrible condition and threats to monkeys all around the world. A gripping talk and the children loved their hand book at the end, thank you very much!"

F. Palmer
St Martins Junior School, Surrey

March 2014

"The visit by Monkey World was a fantastic treat. Really informative about conservation and the important work at Monkey World, plus a lot of fun! My year 6 class absolutely loved the hands on experience of making toys which the monkeys would then get to play with. In fact, when the photographs were sent back to us, they were arguing over whose bottle was whose! Thank you so much for coming, I know lots of the children are now asking parents if they can visit - quite a trip from North Yorkshire!"

Kirsty Crompton, Classteacher,
Embsay Primary School


March 2013

"Thank you so much for your amazing visit. We have been very inspired! The children have worked to write and record a Monkey World song which we'd love to deliver to you after Easter. They have also come up with Pallm Oil free logos, product designs and campaigns. I am so pleased with the work."

Sam Kelly, Teacher

March 2013

"We used the talk to introduce and inspire children at the start orf our rainforest topic. It was excellent and pitched at the right level for children to engage and offered some challenging thinking for them too. We like the 'realia' and visual aids that Rebecca brought and these really enabled the children to understand some of the concepts. The texts they were given were very useful and we used them, for research in our science work on classifying animals - we classified primates from different continents. Many children went on to complete home projects and research which were inspired by the talk.

Thank you."

Jessica Parish - Year 3/4 Teacher