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Although the park is closed to the public, you can still keep up with the primates here via our virtual channels! Whether it is through a personal guided tour over Zoom, joining in on one of our FREE Facebook live mini-tours or talks, or adding in our primate lessons to your homeschooling session, we have plenty to keep you involved and part of our Monkey World family!

Homeschooling & Education Course

Join  our education team,  as they deliver a LIVE lesson on Facebook on our amazing primates, and their stories. There are downloadable worksheets and fact sheets for your to work on first, and then our team can answer all your questions!

For more structured work, a 9-week home-schooling course is also available on our website, featuring YouTube lessons and worksheets, and lists of further reading. It is bound to catch the interest of any budding primatologists!

The worksheets and lessons  are all available at

Get in touch with our education team by emailing

Find out which Lives are scheduled on Facebook here.

Zoom Tours

If you’d like to visit the park in a personal manner, book one of our Zoom tours! By the power of video conferencing software, a member of our team will take you around the park to see all your favourite primates.

We’ll be running these as a personal tour, so can be very guided by which primates you like & what you’d like to see. We’ll also be able to take you “off-show”, up feeding towers that the public are not allowed to access, and round the back of enclosures also.

For an adoptive parent, these will cost £35.

For non-adoptive parents, they will cost £49 each. However you have the option to share with one other person, if you have a friend who loves the park too, at a cost of £31.50 each.

Tours will run for approx. 1 hour 15 minutes.

For availability or to book, please email

Join us LIVE on tours of the park!

We are running weekly live tours of the park on Facebook, concentrating on just a couple of groups per week! Join our team who will film the primates in their enclosure while answering your questions! This is a great interactive experience, so do check out Facebook for when the next one is to join us at the time, but all videos will also be available to watch back after the event too.

The LIVEs are free to watch, but if you’d like to support us, there is an option to send “Stars”- for every star sent, we receive a penny here at the park, so it’s a really affordable way of showing your support!

Visit Facebook to see when the next live is- you can also catch up on all our past videos from the park too.

Thank you to all of our extended family for your support through the pandemic. If you would like to help, please click here for all the ways you can support Monkey World and help us to continue to be there for primates in need.

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