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Letter written by Harry Walton, 6, from Ashford, brings big delivery of food to Monkey World in Ware

24 August 2015

Monkeys at a rescue centre are tucking into their favourite cereals, nuts and dried fruit thanks to a big-hearted young fan.

Six-year-old Harry Walton, from Forum Way, Ashford, not only donated his birthday money to Monkey World Ape and Rescue Centre in Wareham, Dorset, but wrote a letter to health chain Holland and Barrett, asking the retailer to contribute to the sanctuary’s shoebox appeal.

The letter reached the desk of Holland and Barrett Europe CEO, Peter Aldis, who wrote back to Harry with a promise to help.

Monkey fan Harry Walton, 6, from Ashford

It resulted in a delivery of more than 1,000 items needed by Monkey World’s primate care staff, which also included dietary supplements, such as evening primrose oil, vitamin C and milk thistle tablets, which help keep the monkeys in tip-top condition.

Harry’s parents Lucy and Rick and little sister Amelie, two, were invited to come along to the sanctuary to see the products, worth more than £3,000, being delivered.

The family met primate expert Jeremy Keeling, animal director at Monkey World and Cara Buckley, head of primate care, who said: “This is a really generous donation and will go towards helping feed more than 250 primates that we have at Monkey World.”

“Harry has been obsessed with monkeys since he was a tot and just loves everything to do with them” - Mum Lucy.

Harry, a John Wesley Primary School pupil, also met Rodders, the chimpanzee adopted for him as a Christmas present.

Harry said: “I am so happy for the monkeys – they can now eat lots of tasty treats and keep really healthy. This has been the best day ever.”

Harry’s mum Lucy said: “We have been totally blown away with the generosity of Holland and Barrett.

"It was a shot in the dark but we thought Harry’s letter might just result in a couple of boxes of products, but today when we saw all the crates with hundreds of items, we couldn’t believe it.”

She added: “Harry has been obsessed with monkeys since he was a tot and just loves everything to do with them.”

A Holland and Barrett’s spokesperson said: “How could we not help out? Harry’s letter was really touching and showed what a caring and thoughtful boy he is.

Harry, 6, monkeying around with his mum, dad and little sister

"Helping Monkey World with their appeal has been our pleasure. They do a wonderful job of protecting these magnificent creatures.” To find out more about the Monkey World appeal click here.

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