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Heart-warming letter by schoolboy inspires huge donation to Monkey World

Thursday 23 July 2015

A HEART-warming letter written by a monkey-mad six-year-old inspired a delivery of more than £3,000 worth of goodies to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre sanctuary in Wareham.

Harry Walton surrounded by the donations from Holland and Barrett

Staff from Monkey World; Jeremy Keeling, animal director, Cara Buckley, head of primate care, with Harry

Little Harry inspired a donation worth more than £3000

Heart-warming letter by schoolboy inspires huge donation to Monkey World

Little Harry Walton wrote the heart-melting letter to the health and food chain, Holland and Barrett, explaining that he was going to give his birthday money towards a much needed shoebox donation of nuts and supplements for the monkeys.

In his letter, he asked Holland and Barrett if they would help and perhaps donate some health food goodies suitable for the monkeys.

Harry’s letter made it right to the top of Holland and Barrett Europe with the CEO, Peter Aldis, writing back to Harry personally promising to help the monkeys out.

With little sister Amelie, two, and parents Lucy and Rick, the family were invited to come along to Monkey World.

The delivery of more than 1,000 items included nuts, cereals, dried fruit and special dietary food supplements that boost the primates’ health such as Evening Primrose Oil, vitamin C and Milk Thistle tablets.

Harry's mum Lucy said: "We have been totally blown away with the generosity of Holland and Barrett.

"It was a shot in the dark but we thought Harry’s letter might just result in a couple of boxes of products but today when we saw all the crates with hundreds of items, we couldn’t believe it.

"It’s fantastic. “

Harry has been obsessed with monkeys since he was a tot and just loves everything to do with them.

"We were not surprised at all that he wanted to give his birthday money towards making up a shoebox donation for Monkey World’s appeal.

"I’m so proud of him. Greeting them at the sanctuary was primate expert Jeremy Keeling, animal director at Monkey World and Cara Buckley, head of primate care, who showed Harry and his family around the sanctuary.

Harry also got to see Rodders, a chimpanzee adopted for him as a Christmas present.

Harry said: “I am so happy for the monkeys – they can now eats lots of tasty treats and keep really healthy. This has been the best day ever – Jeremy Keeling is my hero and I even got to see my monkey Rodders which was fantastic.”

Cara Buckley, head of primate care said: "This is a really generous donation and will go towards helping feed the more than 250 primates we have.

"We welcome all donations and update our website regularly to specify items that we need.

"As well as a variety of fruits, cereals and nuts, the primates especially benefit from certain food supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil which is great for keeping their coats healthy and Vitamin C to boost immunity."

Tom Sommerfelt, senior account manager at Holland and Barrett said: "How could we not help out? Harry's letter was really touching and we wanted to help where we could."

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