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Baby Rieke is new arrival for Monkey World

24 February 2015

Andre Schule, baby Rieke, keeper Kate Diver, Monkey World director Alison Cronin,
baby Bulu Mata and Zoo Berlin Keeper Christian Aust

MONKEY World staff have welcomed their latest arrival to the ape rescue centre - a baby orphan Sumatran orang-utan called Rieke.

Six-week-old Rieke, who arrived in Dorset from Berlin Zoo on Monday (Feb 24) night, is the park's second orang-utan newcomer in the last two months.

She's already been introduced to her new adopted brother, five-month-old Bulu Mata another orphaned baby orang-utan who was transferred from Budapest Zoo in December.

Both primates are being looked after at the Wool sanctuary's orang-utan crèche, which with six other orang-utan orphans is the only crèche of its kind in Europe.

Monkey World director Dr Alison Cronin said: “It is an amazing international effort to provide two orphan orang-utans with the very best opportunity to grow up with others of their own kind.

“Both Berlin and Budapest Zoos have done a wonderful job in caring for these very vulnerable infants and we are pleased to be able to offer specialist care and facilities throughout the rest of their childhood.”

Rieke, born at Berlin Zoo in January, was rejected by her mother, Djasinga, so zookeepers had to step-in to care for the infant.

Meanwhile, Bulu Mata arrived in Dorset after his mother died unexpectedly at Budapest Zoo last year.

A Monkey World spokesman explained: “Rieke will be introduced to her new adopted family of orang-utans at Monkey World over the coming months and it is possible that adult female orang-utan, Hsiao-quai, will not only adopt the new arrival, but also feed her.

“She is a wonderful mother, who has already raised two sons of her own and is currently breast-feeding another adopted three-year-old female, Awan. (CORRECT) “The team at Monkey World are hopeful that, given some time, Hsiao-quai may take on Rieke as well.

“Regardless, the two infants will start meeting some of the other orang-utan crèche residents that are younger and very gentle.”

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