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Cutest baby orangutan ever wins hearts at Berlin Zoo

6 February 2015

Look at that face. I can hardly take it!

Newborn orangutan Rieke is presented to the press at Berlin Zoo, in Berlin, Germany, on Feb. 6.

Baby orangutan Rieke, who made her first public appearance today, has captured the hearts of everyone around her. The adorable 3-week-old is being cared for by zookeepers at the Berlin Zoo in Germany, after her mother Djasinga, rejected her at birth.

WATCH: Meet the Berlin Zoo's newest baby orangutan

Three week old Rieke is fed a bottle by a zookeeper.

According to the zoo's press site, Rieke is developing very well and has gained 5 pounds since being born Jan. 12.

Rieke gets a diaper change by a zoo keeper.

After careful consideration, the team at the zoo has decided to move her to England to reside at the Monkey World Rescue Center, where she will have nurses as well as a playmate who also lost his mother.

Reaching out for a hug, perhaps.

"Rieke is very dear to us," said Berlin Zoo director and veterinarian Dr. Andreas Knieriem. "Of course, it is difficult for us to move her, but in Monkey World, Rieke will have a better life among other orangutans."

Rieke looks around during a presentation to the media.

She fell asleep during her press conference, it was probably very overwhelming.

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