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Starved monkey in boozer

The Sun Online

Published: 17th January 2014

Richard Walton

A MAN who kept a pet monkey so badly neglected it had started to eat its own tail was caught after he took it to a pub, a court heard yesterday.

One alarmed drinker reported Richard Walton, 32, to the RSPCA.

They raided his home to find starved three-year-old Milo was half his ideal weight. The marmoset, in a dirty birdcage without water, had also lost a tooth.

Prosecutor Nicola Hutchins said: “Milo had been kept in conditions that were detrimental to his well-being.

“He should not be kept in solitary confinement or in confined spaces.

“Going to the pub would have been extremely stressful.”

Walton, a dad of Basingstoke, Hants — who said he was keeping the pet for a pal — admitted cruelty and neglect.

Local magistrates gave him nine-month community and supervision orders. He must also pay £160 and is banned for life from keeping pets.

Milo is now thriving in Monkey World sanctuary in Wareham, Dorset.

Mrs Hutchins added: “Monkey World found he was not agile, branch-running, or jumping like other marmosets.

“However, I’m pleased to say he has made an excellent recovery, now has a mate, and is living in some luxury.”

Monkey World founder Dr Alison Cronin — who is campaigning against the trade in monkeys — said: “Milo is doing fantastic. We’ve got him paired up with a female from yet another British pet trade rescue. “Their bond is growing stronger and stronger.”

Dr Cronin added: “He should have a long future and he should be able to stay with us for the rest of his days.”

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