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'Monkey Mobile' will help spread Monkey World message

Thursday 6th June 2013

Tom Wilmore hands the keys to a new BMW to Monkey World's Rebecca Short,
watched by Mike Colbourne and Stuart Carter

THRILLED Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre staff have taken delivery of their very own 'Monkey Mobile'.

The specially branded BMW car will help the cantuary's education team spread the park's message into classrooms across the county.

Monkey World operations manager Shelly Fletcher explained: "The key to the future of primate conservation is to educate children.

"We launched our education packs about six months ago and the guys have been doing a fnatastic job going around local schools and youth groups, but they've had to use their own cars. Now we can spread the Monkey World message much further afield."

The car, emblazoned with images of primates from the Wool rescue centre, has been sponsored by Westerly Dorchester.

Shelley said: "I reached out to Westerly Dorchester and they really receptive. A lot of companies say they'll help us, but when it comes down to it, for one reason or another, a lot of them can't, but we do understand this.

"However, theu guys at Westerly delivered in spectacular style.  I've just had my first drive in it and it is beautiful. I cannot thank them enough."

The Monkey Mobile, as its been dubbed by park staff, was set for its first school outing on Wednesday with a trip to Bovington Primary School.

"So much of what we do at Monkey World has relevance for schools," explained Shelley. "We are not just talking about the work that we do at the park either."

She added: "Schools may pick out elements from our education packs which we focus on when we visit. For example, the school may be studying healthy eating, so we'll go in and talk about how we feed the primates.

"Bullying is obviously tackled in schools and it is something we can talk about with regard to the hierarchies of the groups of primates. We link in on many different levels."

For information on Monkey World's education programme contact the park's school liaison officer on 01929 401 022.

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