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Monkey World staff delighted with nappy donation for young woolly monkey

Friday 1st March 2013

GRATEFUL staff at Wool’s Monkey World are delighted by a rather unusual donation – 25 cases of tiny premature-baby nappies.

Bueno tries out one of the new nappies at Monkey World.

The nappies, handed to the ape rescue centre by Attends Health-care Group, will be worn by one of the park’s smallest residents.

Young Bueno Junior is being hand-raised by park director Dr Alison Cronin, after his mum refused to care for him.

Bueno Junior, one of just a handful of endangered woolly monkeys born in captivity, was a bit of a surprise himself. He was delivered by caesarean section last November, just hours after experts realised his mum was pregnant.

Dr Cronin said: “Junior was born at only 430 grams and therefore it was not easy to find a product to keep him clean and healthy.

“Nappies that are used in hospitals for premature babies are perfect as they are made for babies that are 500 grams plus”

Bueno’s mum, Sara, aged 12, refused to take him after a tough labour. It is hoped Bueno will eventually join one of Monkey World’s three groups of woolly monkeys when he’s five months old.

There are only 37 woolly monkeys in captivity in the world, 18 at the Purbeck rescue centre.

Dr Cronin said: “We owe Attends Healthcare a huge ‘thank-you’.”

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