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Rejected Baby Monkey Given New Nappies

2nd March 2013

Staff at Dorset's Monkey World were 'ape-solutely' delighted by a recent donation of premature baby nappies.

The rescue centre in Wareham are currently hand-rearing an endangered woolly monkey, one of eighteen at the park, who was rejected by his Mother after he was born by emergency Caesarean section on the 21st of November.

He will be able to safely join the other woolly monkeys at the park when he is approximately 5-months-old

The monkey, named Bueno Junior, is too small to wear regular nappies. Attends Healthcare Group donated 25 cases of premature baby nappies, which he can use, to Monkey World.

Dr Alison Cronin, the park's director, told Wessex FM that, "We owe Attends Healthcare Group a huge thank you for such a generous donation. Jr was born at only 430gr and therefore it was not easy to find a product to keep him clean and healthy. Nappies that are used in hospitals for premature babies are perfect as they are made for babies that are 500gr plus, but they are not easy to find. We asked for help from major companies that make the tiny nappies and luckily Attends Healthcare came through for little Bueno. Of course the extra special nappies require one further modification - a hole cut in for his wonderful prehensile tail to fit through! On his 101st day, Jr is becoming more and more active, climbing and leaping, so having some good fitting nappies is a godsend!"

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